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Oct 13, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: danny

Owning a washing machine and dryer can be a major convenience when it comes time to do laundry, but without regular maintenance, your machines may not be cleaning as efficiently or as thoroughly as you might think. Mr. Appliance® has these simple steps you can take to get the most out of your washing machine and dryer.

On washing machines, check rubber water hoses for leaks or bubbles. Hoses with bubbles are prone to burst, wasting water and money. Manufacturers recommend replacing rubber hoses every two years, as the rubber can dry and crack over time. Replace those rubber hoses with stainless steel hoses that will not break and avoid the inconvenience and cost of flooding your home.

Routinely clean the washing machine by running a wash cycle on the hottest water setting with a cup of bleach and no clothes. This will disinfect your washer and help to remove soap buildup. If your washer has a bad odor, use a product like Affresh to clean your washer and remove the odor.

Plan carefully and always wash full loads. This will decrease the number of loads required, lessening the amount of water used and extending the life of the washing machine. However, be sure not to overload the washer, as this can result in shortened life of the appliance and clothes that are not thoroughly cleaned.

On dryers, be sure to clean the lint trap after each load. While the lint trap doesn't catch all of the lint from your laundry, keeping it clear can help it catch as much lint as possible. This lessens the amount of lint that passes into the ventilation system and potentially becoming trapped there, blocking air flow.

Routinely check your dryer vent hose to be sure that it is not kinked or bent in a way that can restrict airflow. A bent air hose can limit the flow of air out of the dryer and increase the risk of lint building up in the hose. If your dryer vent hose is made of vinyl or plastic, replace with a rigid or flexible metal vent hose, as vinyl or plastic hoses can be a fire hazard.

Finally, don't overload the dryer. Using full loads can help cut down the number of loads you will do. However, overloading the dryer can restrict airflow, causing clothes to take longer to dry.
Follow these simple steps to make sure your washer and dryer are working to their full potential.

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